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Improved Ammeter Meter Design

Gerbmerge detailed guide

Personal and Coursework releated projects

-MTA- Bus time reporting(IOT)

Created a display system to monitor the New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) train schedules by programming an Intel Edison board using Python script.

-Talking voltmeter using Atmel Microprocessor

Designed a talking voltmeter intended to test battery cell charge retention in electric vehicles using ATMEL microprocessors.

-Sun rise/set based lamp control using IFTTT and Spark (IOT)

Controlling an power outlet using IFTTT recipe and Spark board. This project was a featured project on instructables website on Jan 11, 2016.

-Command line/Shell Cheatsheet

Linux Command Line cheatsheet for my reference

Projects currently in progress

-Fiber optic laser delivery system for treating skins lesions and other skin disorder

Fiber optic laser delivery system with smartphone based temperature monitoring and pulse control for treating skin lesions and other skin disorders. Design of the whole hardware with 5W laser and sensors along with live graphing using matlab and temperature monitoring and laser pulse control using android app.

-Raspberry pi based surveillance system with motion tracking, facial recognition and door locking control using OpenCV and Arduino.

-Design of CMOS based power source and communication circuit for implantable sensors.

-Pancake/Dosa maker using completely automated process

(more information on these projects will be added soon)


Stony Brook University, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences  NY, USA
Master of Science in Electrical Engineering    Fall 2016- present
Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering(Honors Program)   GPA: 3.85/4.00
Minor: Physics      Dean’s List: Fall 2013 – Present


Digital design using VHDL to program PLDs and FPGAs, DSP, Random signals and system, Embedded micro-processor systems design, (Computer Vision, Machine Learning), Modern Circuit Board Design and Prototyping, Data structures and algorithms using Java, Electronics, Electromagnetic and Transmission Line Theory

Software and Engineering proficiency


Java, C/C++, Python, VHDL, Verilog, Assembly, Bash Script, Android app development. *familiar with: Javascript, NodeJS and HTML/css


MatLab, Cadence Virtuoso, AutoCad, Pspice, LabVIEW, Diadem, Eagle pcb design, Visio, Diadem, Android Studio, MS office, Atom.


Brookhaven National Laboratory                    Brookhaven, NY
Engineering Intern                             Summer 2016

Brookhaven National Laboratory                    Brookhaven, NY
Engineering Intern                             Summer 2015

Department of Electrical Engineering, Stony Brook University      Stony Brook, NY
Teaching Assistant, Digital System Design                Fall 2014

  • Instructed a classroom of 20 students on designing applications using logic gates.
  • Assisted individual design groups in hardware testing, which included optimization of the hardware-software interface.


    Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) Honor Society for Engineers, Stony Brook Chapter, Member    2015 – Present
    Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Stony Brook Chapter, Member    2013 – Present


    Email : radrajith@gmail.com